If you would like to perform at the Blues & BBQ for Better Housing Fesival, realize that all the artists volunteer their time and talent.

Great crowd, great karma, great Mojo, excellent exposure, you can sell your swag, but no moolah. All the money we make goes to Habitat for Humanity. If you are still interested, send a link for your website, music and/or videos to In your correspondence please state that you are cool with volunteering your talent. If this statement is not there I will disregard your email.
I am blessed with lots of volunteer bands. Way too many to put on stage in one day. I try to mix it up each year and at the same time award loyalty to the bands who have played many times for me. Of course I also try to bring back the bands who draw crowds.

So if you don't get in this year, thanks tons for volunteering and keep trying. I will get you in sooner or later.